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Alabaster Blinds Pic 1

Atelier Alain Ellouz are proud to introduce our newest product, adjustable alabaster blinds. An innovation in blind technology, our sun breakers are changing the concepts of light and space within interior architecture.

Developed alongside the Parisian company Suntwist, specialists in crafting unique blinds with discreet silent motors, they represent a wealth of design possibility and can be seamlessly adapted to many different internal environments.

Alabaster Blinds in the Office

The pivoting alabaster panels of our blinds perfectly modulate the day’s changing light, meaning they are perfect for adorning large windows within a work space.

The translucent nature of alabaster means the blinds, when drawn or semi-drawn, let in enough light to fill a room with a gentle glow whilst absorbing any harsh or dazzling rays from the sun. The direct strength of the sun’s rays is softened and re-distributed, resulting in visually stunning and productive office surrounding.

Alabaster Blinds

Alabaster Blinds at Home

The alabaster slats that make up our blinds can be designed to perfectly compliment the uniqueness of your personal space. The direction of the slats, motorisation, structure, design and finish can all be tailored to perfectly fit with the rhythm of your home.

The pivoting alabaster panels can also be back-lit with warm or cool integrated LEDs, which cast a subtle and even light throughout a room. The colour’s intensity and temperature can be controlled, meaning the ambience of your interior can be amended depending on your mood.

When drawn, our blinds provide homeowners with privacy and calm and make a stylish, contemporary alternative to traditional curtains.  The panels can also be used to create a division within an interior space creating an environment of tranquillity and softness

Alabaster Slats Kitchen

Alabaster Blinds as a Design Centrepiece

Alabaster blinds act as an interesting design centrepiece in any room. In restaurants, they can provide a variety of ambiences, and in dark spaces lacking a source of natural light, the whiteness of the stone makes shadowy window spaces look warm and bright.

The adjustable alabaster slats come in three different profiles, elliptical, rectangular and in the shape of an aircraft wing, these shapes were carefully designed to display the rich qualities of the alabaster stone.

Perfect for venues overlooking a stunning view, these sun-breakers act as graphic viewing effect, enhancing the way you see the world from your windows.  The intricate patterns and veins that occur naturally in the alabaster contribute to the stunning aesthetic our alabaster blinds create.

Alabaster Blinds Bathroom

Atelier Alain Ellouz has over 10 years’ experience with alabaster architecture projects, and we select only the highest quality alabaster slabs to form our creations. The alabaster blind continues in the line of high-performance solutions to decorate interiors with stunning natural light.