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Atelier Alain Ellouz is thrilled to present you with an exclusive first look at our new lighting collection for 2017.

Evolving Shapes

Atelier Alain Ellouz has been designing bespoke lighting fixtures for over a decade and we pride ourselves in creating stunning chandeliers with clean, straightforward forms. Our earliest designs are centred around simple shapes; spheres, cylinders and ovals, which create a pure visual aesthetic.

The inspiration behind the new collection was to remain inherently faithful to these iconic forms whilst experimenting with new structures, sizes and dynamics. Our resulting collection is exceptional and suggests endless design possibilities.


A Range of Sizes and Styles

The fixtures in our new collection range from single unit table lamps to colossal multidimensional chandeliers, meaning there are products suited to any space.

The designs in our new collection are also highly adaptable as they can consist of either a few or multiple elements to compliment the nature of the lighting fixture’s environment. An example is our Bolky chandelier, made of pure white alabaster spheres 15cm in diameter and suspended by a discreet wire structure. The chandelier looks stunning as either a simple cluster of three alabaster spheres or as a monumental centrepiece comprised of nineteen orbs.

The suspension elements of our ceiling-hung chandeliers too can be customised. We have evolved from relying solely on metal rods to support our alabaster lighting elements and have incorporated thinner cable suspension into many of our new designs. On chandeliers such as The Lucy, this creates the illusion that delicate teardrops of alabaster are being suspended weightlessly in mid-air.


Shape Inspiration

There were several sources of inspiration behind our new lighting collection and many of our designs inspire multiple associations.

Our Yoko and Yum lights have smooth rounded tops and are reminiscent of the domed heads of iconic Japanese dolls, bringing a playful element to alabaster lighting design that Atelier Alain Ellouz has not previously explored.

Projects inspired by the solar system remain prevalent throughout our new collection but bring with them new twists. The classic orb shape that is incorporated into many of our popular chandelier designs has been bisected to form the Reflet wall lamp, a half sphere of backlit alabaster designed to be mounted on a mirror. When the light is reflected in the mirror it completes the sphere, creating the effect of bright, orbiting moons. The Alta chandelier too takes its inspiration from deep space: The flat discs of horizontal alabaster are comparable to the dynamic rings that surround planets.




Atelier Alain Ellouz will be showcasing our new lighting collection at ICFF in New York on the 21st – 24th May. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about any of the products in our collection.