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It has long been understood that light has a powerful effect on our brain and our well-being. Being regularly or protractedly confined to a dark space negatively affects our mood and our natural biological clock. However, a sudden change for dark to bright light can leave us just as disorientated as the original darkness, and protracted exposure to harsh, bright light can cause headaches and fatigue.

A magical light

Whenever and wherever possible, soft, natural-like light should be introduced to simultaneously warm and brighten the room. Atelier Alain Ellouz is the only grand-scale producer of luxury furniture in alabaster which, using sophisticated lighting techniques, give of an ethereal, subtly beautiful glow which brings light into dark spaces. The incorporated light highlights the imperfections of the natural stone and is so expertly incorporated the stone itself seems to give of its own light, like magic.



The effect of Atelier Alain Ellouz’s alabaster creations is quite different from, say, the more readily available backlit marble, where the effect appears far less organic. In these instances, the light is clearly originated from within and falls far less gracefully than with alabaster. The same can be said for onyx, a far softer and less brilliant material. With onyx, the joints become much more obvious overtime, again contributing to a less organic look. Marble and onyx are also cold to the touch, whereas alabaster is luxuriously warm.

Investing in an Atelier Alain Ellouz contemporary wall light, luxury chandelier or any luxury home furnishing is a unique and stunningly beautiful way to bring light into any dark space.