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The SOLO concept, brings a new highlight to the historic Guerlain Boutique

The historic Guerlain shop on the Champs Elysées has recently brought in new light with Solo furnishing elements.

The Solo was the answer to the challenge the interior architects of Guerlain faced to give this flagship store a new, fresh feel. The SOLO panels, fitted at the back of four openings, replace mirrors. The four countertops have also been fitted with alabaster plates- all of them removable. The new stone fits perfectly amongst the composed marbles and reveals them with its fresh new light. For this project, the SOLO elements have been delivered in plates ready to be installed in the openings and onto the counters. The carpenters have installed the SOLO themselves in a few hours with no dust. This enabled installation to be done overnight so that the store could stay open during its regular business hours. Like any other light fixtures, the SOLO are removable at any time since nothing has been glued into place.
Click here to download the SOLO catalogue
Stonelight, specific protection of alabaster
The Stonelight level indicators are composed of three numbers, corresponding to three levels of alabaster protection for strengthening, shock resistance, and waterproofing. It is followed by the UV sign when the object will be exposed to UV light.
Protection levels according to the use of the alabaster