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concept SOLO pour Jaeger LeCoultre

Jaeger Lecoultre has chosen the SOLO concept for their two monumental “stained glass” ceiling projects, using Alabaster , in their boutique situated on 13, Old Bond street in London. A metallic structure supports the 180 SOLO panels. Each Solo panel, custom fitted, is built by integrating light to the Alabaster. In record time, the two “stained glass” ceiling projects, totaling 28 square meters of Alabaster, were installed by Jaeger Lecoultre’s London based installers, with precise instructions and labelling provided by Atelier Alain Ellouz. Atelier Alain Ellouz has participated in the decor of over 40 Jaeger Lecoultre boutiques worldwide, in affiliation to the design of Marika Chaumet

The canopies of Jaeger Lecoultre in London, an ambitious project

Alabaster and metal are major themes in the line of new Jaeger LeCoultre stores throughout the world, created by interior architect Marika Chaumet. In the heart of London, 13 Bond Street, this new space benefitted from the best the Solo has to offer. 170 Solo elements, each custom, compose this 24 m2. oblong ceiling ensemble. Each plate was carefully selected for a harmonious composition. A simulation made with real alabaster photos had been presented to the client for approval prior to production. Each and every element was identified and labeled according to its shape and position. We adapted the light according to the area of each plate for a grand uniform result.

The Solo strength :

Compact and removable
The Jaeger LeCoultre store posed a challenge, as it had a limited ceiling height. Moreover, for security reasons, access into the ceiling had to be made available at any time. The SOLO was the answer to this great challenge, being an ensemble of independant panels, removable with ease.
On site installat ion by a local team
The installation of the SOLO into the steel structure, and the wiring between the SOLO has been done easily by the team of carpenters working on-site for the client.  
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Stonelight, specific protection of alabaster
The Stonelight level indicators are composed of three numbers, corresponding to three levels of alabaster protection for strengthening, shock resistance, and waterproofing. It is followed by the UV sign when the object will be exposed to UV light.
Protection levels according to the use of the alabaster