Quattro Passi

Quattro Passi Restaurant, London

Alabaster monumental stairwell(more than 100m2  ) for the central stair connecting “restaurant “and “lounge” spaces, reception, showcase and bar

«For this new Italian restaurant in London, I wanted a magical design with outstanding materials, based on alliance of alabaster and brass.»


Lydia Hegbourne, Carte blanche design

The central staircase in an alabaster casket is the heart of the restaurant. Monumental, spectacular,  this unexpected transition of spaces gives the customers a remarkable experience in the middle of freestanding walls of more than 6 meters high .

The structured staircase softened by the alabaster, provides access to the club, part reserved to the members.

The walls of the club combine alabaster and mirrors in a very dynamic rhythm visually. The polished marble on the top of the bar seems to be suspended in the light.

34, Dover Street – London architect : Carte blanche design – Lydia Hegbourne  

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Stonelight, specific protection of alabaster
The Stonelight level indicators are composed of three numbers, corresponding to three levels of alabaster protection for strengthening, shock resistance, and waterproofing. It is followed by the UV sign when the object will be exposed to UV light.
Protection levels according to the use of the alabaster

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