CHALET, Megève

Imposing project in Megève designed by Marie Allard and Dominique Pacotte from architecture 770, in collaboration with the decorator Olivier Chetail for the interior design.

The very innovative about the creators of this project was to use the high lift heights of this contemporary chalet articulating vertically monumental works of alabaster. Alabaster maintains this momentum with large interior decoration highlights: – The entrance wall on three floors. – The central fireplace 8 m high. – The SUMATRA chandelier made of 24 SUMATRA elements of 80 cm height, – The LUNA chandelier made of 18 alabaster spheres – And 2 bars including one settled in the kitchen and the other overlooking the indoor pool. Everything participates to generate a warm atmosphere in this chalet.  
Stonelight, specific protection of alabaster
The Stonelight level indicators are composed of three numbers, corresponding to three levels of alabaster protection for strengthening, shock resistance, and waterproofing. It is followed by the UV sign when the object will be exposed to UV light.
Protection levels according to the use of the alabaster