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Statement Rock Crystal Chandeliers


Striking the perfect balance between transparency and obscured depth, Statement Rock Crystal Chandeliers from Atelier Alain Ellouz can transform any room into a spectacular light filled haven.

Atelier Alain Ellouz have perfected the craftsmanship and precision needed in handling rock crystal, a habitually tricky material to work with but forgivingly mesmerising in its beauty. From journeying across Madagascar sourcing the perfect rock crystals to the meticulous placement of each quartz segment within a lighting fixture, Atelier Alain Ellouz is dedicated to the lengthy process of chandelier making.  Even when the elaborate lighting fixtures are not lit up, the integrated rock crystals allow for natural sunlight to pass through and cast stunningly captivating patterns.


Considering the much-needed studying, calculating and manufacturing to complete one of our 100kg + chandeliers, it’s evident that crafting our rock crystal chandeliers requires a labour of love. 1995 marks the year Alain Ellouz initially discovered stone sculpture and developed a personal connection to the craft explaining “Those days spent cutting stone were a form of meditation, an intimate encounter with matter and form, without any particular aim”. Over 20 years later, and Alain Ellouz’s passion has now translated into being sought after by most global luxury brands including: Louis Vuitton, Ash Design and Dior.



Citing jewellers as one of the main influences for the way the atelier works, the AAE collection features precious stone chandeliers with a contemporary twist. The perfect embodiment of this aesthetic is the Elysee Chandelier; a contemporary light fixture showcasing two interlocking rings, shining together in a compelling design that almost feels suited to an art installation. Fortunately, functionality hasn’t been cast aside as an afterthought. The entire structure, as well as the lighting system, have been fabricated from metal.  This allows for users to adjust the central ring in different directions, creating their own desired looks.

The Concorde chandelier boasts in scale and dimension through a horizontal ring set against a mirrored covering, creating the façade that each hand-cut stone has doubled in proportion. Although modern in concept, the atelier has worked on the lighting design to ensure it was both simple and elegant, positioning this piece alongside those of the classic grand chandeliers.


Named after the central gallery if the palace of Versailles in France, the Versailles chandelier is said to have taken inspiration from the grand Hall of Mirrors, located in the palace where King Louis XIV hosted many regal balls and other spectacular events. Atelier Alain Ellouz is also ready to entertain with the Versailles chandelier, this lighting showcases a selection of lavish double-faceted polished discs suspended from the ceiling. Each disc is illuminated by an innovative system developed by the studio, incorporating adjustable LED backlighting in all rock crystal segments. This backlit feature allows for anyone to change the colour as well as the intensity of lighting to suit any occasion or event. Atelier Alain Ellouz’s creative lighting design is innovative and multifaceted and sure to make an impression on any luxury interior design project.