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Incorporating alabaster into the structural design of a room can transform the light and balance of an entire interior.


The brightness generated from backlit alabaster walls is typically very soft, meaning it can elegantly illuminate a room without creating a harsh glare.


Atelier Alain Ellouz are experts in crafting beautiful wall features from translucent alabaster. We have created many custom designs ranging from integrated wall panels to monumental structures.


Whilst our alabaster walls are extraordinarily visually impressive, the high quality natural materials used prevent our designs from appearing ostentatious.


Creating Light

The light from backlit alabaster closely imitates natural light, meaning brightness can be easily be brought into dark or dull interiors.


Adding lighting to the walls creates a wealth of new design possibilities and works wells across rooms of a variety of size and functions.


As part of a project in a private residence in Courchevel, we used our unique SOLO concept to transform the walls with snow-white alabaster panels. The resulting effect is stunning, and the framed alabaster walls are reminiscent of luminous pictures hanging in a gallery.


A Statement Feature

An impressive alabaster statement wall can transform a room with style and panache. Atelier Alain Ellouz have previously designed and created colossal walls that have exceeded two tons in weight.


Due to the translucent nature of alabaster, when back-lit with coloured lights, the walls of a room can create a range of different ambiences from cool and clean to warm and cosy.


The attractive alabaster walls in the iconic Jaeger LeCoultre stores make a bold statement whilst maintaining a pared-down, and uncluttered quality.

Durable and Structurally Sound

Alabaster lends itself well to wall design as, after treatment, it is both durable and structurally sound.


Atelier Alain Ellouz carefully prepares all alabaster by hand to ensure it has rigidity, shock resistance and protection against liquids.


We also conduct several treatments to the stone during a wall installation process to ensure the joints are perfectly smooth. The slabs that make up the magnificent eight-meter-high wall at a private residence in Geneva blend perfectly together to create a seamless architectural whole.