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Vertical pendant light SUMATRA

SUMATRA; alabaster chandelier

The Sumatra is an alabaster light fixture with a pure, simple geometry- a long cylinder of lit stone. A suspended combination of the Sumatra creates a space that is complex, yet subtle. 


Two types of LED lights are available for this fixture: one source to diffuse the light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere; the other to brighten a space uniformly- brilliantly lighting each column, and projecting a disc of light on the floor beneath it.

Each cylinder is suspended by a metal rod- the structural support which also contains the electrical components. These rods come in varying finishes to either diminish their appearance, or highlight their presence as an overall component to the piece.

The alabaster element is available in two sizes: 50 x 8 cm, or 80 x 13 cm


>> animation 3D d’un projet de lustre Sumatra pour un escalier


>> animation 3D d’un lustre SUMATRA 9 éléments


>> animation 3D d’un lustre SUMATRA 14 éléments

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