Atelier Alain Ellouz: backlight stone experts


From conceptualization to fabrication

Alain Ellouz leads a qualified and dynamic team capable of realizing his ideas. His alliance of three strong, creative personalities gives coherence and presence to the creations of stone and light. Each light fixture is a result of the cumulative efforts of these three.

Interaction, dialogue, rigour, and pragmatism- all of these necessary values were applied to ensure the success of this collection, and the signature of Atelier Alain Ellouz.



marion biais-sauvêtre

Trained as a designer, Marion has been with Atelier Alain Ellouz since its inception, creating unusual objects, furniture, light fixtures, and interior designs. She is a sought-after partner of architects and designers alike; able to realize custom projects for the most distinguished clientele.

To all of the pieces in the collection, Marion has gifted her balanced accuracy, precise selection of material, and contemporary aesthetic.


alain ellouz

A creative talent: an experienced entrepreneur as well as a sensitive sculptor, he is fascinated by the unknown, and all that is new. Above all, he is one who likes to push past the limits of what is considered possible. He dreams and draws unexpected objects, then invites his team to find the design and technical solutions necessary to complete the project.


alexis jouvin

Alexis completes the duo initially formed by Alain and Marion. An architect graduate, and professionally trained in design and cabinet making- he is able to utilize all of these competencies, spending as much time in the workshop as in the research department. Because he intimately knows the properties of the materials, he is able to carry out projects from the design stages through to development.



Behind the scenes of working with rock crystal, Atelier Alain Ellouz is inspired by the traditions of chandeliers, as well as by artisans from jewelers to locksmiths. Crystals are carefully selected, shaped like jewels, and delicately integrated into their design.

Chandeliers weighing more than 100 kg require a great deal of research factoring in both balance and stability, to ensure the precise dimensions of its metal supporting structure.

Every detail of manufacturing, from the fastening of crystals to the placement of lights, is closely studied. The integration of new LED technologies allows for unprecedented effects on our stones. The clever concealment of a ray of light allows one to see the structures of these fascinating crystals, offering endless contemplation.


Alabaster, from the stone to the light

A specific and rare crystallization of gypsum and silica creates the unique white and translucent alabaster. Preserved underground, the stone leaves this darkness and is then able to reveal the secrets of its patterns. Because of its natural softness, the stone has a history of being used for sculptures. Naturally translucent, alabaster has also been used in stained glass and lighting fixtures for centuries. Appreciating this history, while innovating for the future- Atelier Alain Ellouz has realized contemporary lighting forms in order to highlight the unique aesthetic qualities of this stone.


The style of Atelier Alain Ellouz

The style of Atelier Alain Ellouz is born by our team of designers, realized by the expert hands of our craftsmen, and inspired by a tradition of great care, boldness, and precision. The hand of man joining with the beauty of nature to create an altogether new and original art form.