Alain Ellouz dans les carrieres d'albatre

Only the most beautiful stones

In order to find the stones bearing the appropriate hardness, transparency, and dimensional requirements, a large amount of stone must be unearthed, with anything greater than 50 cm in size becoming quite rare.

Consequently, the production from quarries is irregular and unpredictable. It has been know to take several months before discovering the the highest-quality alabaster.


The rare qualities of alabaster


The type of alabaster that is used in our projects is called “gypsum” alabaster.

Gypsum stones offer a whiteness, a transparency, and a wonderful crystallisation not found anywhere else.  Because of these unique attributes, we are able to realise unparalleled projects.

Finding unmarked, veinless gypsum can prove difficult.  Quarries in the Canadian Rockies or in Brazil aren’t currently exploited; whereas the oldest quarries in Italy are mostly exhausted.


Strong partnerships

There are currently two quarries able to provide us with the high-quality alabaster required for our projects, and we’ve built strong partnerships with each of them.

One of our partners supplies us exclusively with all of the “alabaster flower” plates having a size greater than 50 x 50 cm. This agreement guarantees regular, and very high quality deliveries.

In return, we have equipped it with a high-performance machine to cut alabaster blocks with a high level of accuracy.

Regular visits with our partners allow us to build stronger relationships, keep up-to-date with current supply, and choose blocks for our future production.