Rock crystal


Rock Crystal

This stone has fascinated numerous cultures for centuries. The Greeks regarded rock crystals as an ice. Others as solidified light, or the perfect combination of water and air. Though difficult to extract, these crystals have remained coveted and precious art objects. Alain Ellouz selects only those stones with the proper balance of transparence and inclusions (minerals trapped within a crystal), allowing each stone to shine brilliantly. He searches for those stones with exceptional dimensions, as each additional centimeter makes the stone more valuable. His forms are based on those often found within the prisms of a forming jewel, and one can see a subtle reminder in his work of the “original crystal structure”, the popular quartz.

The innovations and artistic implementations within our workshop serve to highlight the exceptional brilliance of each stone.



High-quality rock crystal has a diamond-like clarity, which when illuminated reveals the shapes and the delicate attributes which animate it. Rock crystal is extracted from only a few areas in the world. Generally, these tend to be very hard-to-access places.  Yet another characteristic lending to it’s rarity.


A real gemstone

Naturally available in the form of small blocks, rock crystal is employed in the sculpting of precious items with small dimensions.  It is most frequently used in classical decoration and chandeliers.