The Alain Ellouz Gallery is a space where art, design and architecture come together to create a captivating and sensorial experience. Tucked inside the 270 m2 historical confines of the church of an Augustinian convent, the Alain Ellouz Gallery immerses the visitor in the poesy of Atelier Alain Ellouz creations. It’s a place where works of art mingle with alabaster and rock crystal designs. Transcended by light, these pieces feature unique textures, patterns and colors that transform the gallery’s spaces into vibrant scenes.

Alain Ellouz, entrepreneur, artist and gallery owner
A new journey inside the world of artistic exploration with alabaster
In his quest for new horizons, Alain Ellouz invites artists to intimately capture all the richness of alabaster. These artists are supported throughout their entire process of creating original and collaborative pieces. They are spurred to develop a dialog between alabaster’s intrinsic qualities and their own discipline. This innovative dynamic transforms an ancestral stone into tomorrow’s artistic medium. Over the past year, the Alain Ellouz Gallery has partnered with several creators from various artistic disciplines, including ceramists, photographers, painters, video engineers, etc.
Delve into Atelier Alain Ellouz design!
The Alain Ellouz Gallery immerses visitors in the poetic style of Atelier Alain Ellouz. The space embarks the senses on a journey of discovery, offering an opportunity to experience alabaster’s power of seduction as well as the sensuality and serenity it exudes. The scenography devoted to home decor in some of the rooms features compositions that are cleverly supported by sleek structures to make sure the intrinsic purity of alabaster and rock crystal comes through. Light emanates from elegant and sober pieces, creating a language of beauty through unexpected textures, patterns and colors that transform the gallery’s spaces into vibrant scenes.

Marion Biais Sauvetre, Head designer

Caroline Andreoni, interior architect and founder of the Maison Caroline Andreoni
Our collaborations
The Alain Ellouz Gallery sprouts encounters between professionals of the interior architecture and design world. It’s an exceptional space where our luminaires and architectural pieces dialog with furniture. Artists and designers are invited to create unique scenographies, each one with the shared goal of exhibiting their remarkable know-how.Caroline Andreoni was the first designer on the roster.
Caroline created her own interior design agency 10 years ago and has recently added La Maison, a collection featuring her own furniture pieces and works from other creators.Other unique pieces add to this first scenography, including Aubusson tapestry from the Robert Four Manufacture, Longwy enamels and sculptures from the Jean Marc Lelouch Gallery.

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