Atelier Alain Ellouz is an exceptional creative art workshop. Opened in Paris in 2005, it encompasses a workshop, offices and showrooms. It exports 85% of its production worldwide, with showrooms in London and New York. True artisans of stone, the designers and craftsmen work with two magnificent materials – alabaster and rock crystal. The rich intensity and depth of colour that characterise these stones inspire AAE’s quest for sleek design.

Atelier Alain Ellouz history

How does the story begin? Alain Ellouz, self-taught, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, becomes a sculptor during his spare time. In 1995, he discovers alabaster.

In 2005, he takes up the challenge of giving a fresh, contemporary identity to alabaster. The designer, Marion Biais-Sauvêtre, immediately stimulates his creative intuitions into action by imposing high-end aesthetics and innovative technical standards.

From 2007, thanks to this mastery, the door opens up to the global luxury market and Alain Ellouz creates increasingly monumental projects.

In 2011, Alain Ellouz decides to unlock the potential of rock crystal.

In 2013, Atelier Alain Ellouz workshop moves to Paris.

2016, the London showroom opens.

2017-2018; Destination: New York, U.S.A., with a whole new lighting collection distinguished by its singularity.

2018, opening of a second building of 2,000 m² dedicated to manufacturing the new collection.