A bet on a rising value

“Procuring artwork from Atelier Alain Ellouz is like delving into one of earth’s mysteries.”

Alain Ellouz

Atelier Alain Ellouz has become a brand name with international acclaim. Today’s contemporary pieces are tomorrow’s collectors’ art.

Driving bold creations

Alain Ellouz is above all a sculptor. Like meditation, he creates with patience and depth. Alain’s insatiable curiosity and extensive knowledge of the stone craft led him to alabaster, which he now reshapes for the world of interior design. By mastering its qualities and building on its flaws, he transforms the seemingly ordinary into precious treasures. His artistry does the rest.

In 2005, he set out to reveal the unique natural treasures hidden in each stone. Since then, he has been the inspiration and drive behind the workshop’s creations.

Luxury « made in France »

The outward simplicity, perfected and finished in our workshop, reflects the traditions of the finest French luxury. Our handmade creations are conceived and elaborated according to the highest standards. Their beauty subtly reflects the excellence that inspires their conception.

Pure lines, simple forms. Atelier Alain Ellouz chooses radical designs that are in harmony with both his artistic convictions and the characteristics of the stones he works with. Alabaster and rock crystal are vibrant stones with a striking purity, demanding elegant, refined creations.

The focus is the stone’s essence. In other words, drawing out its intrinsic beauty. To accomplish this, Atelier Alain Ellouz designs compositions supported by minimalist structures, constantly aiming to create pieces that inhabit a space with their volume and light.