exhibition from March 14, 2024
to August 31, 2024
Traversées mystiques
by  Tan Kwank Liang
Alabaster is the before, during and after, a vibrant material that shines light on our own journey. Alabaster’s voice precedes words, and the language of its material tells a story as the world continues to move and breathe around it. The artist Tan Kwank Liang defines alabaster as the source of an organic and brilliant idiom, that of our vast, sublime and mystical nature. Alabaster is as elusive as water, its cryptic, other-worldly beauty transcends us as it runs its course between two restless frontiers. In a cooperative dialog, artists co-create with alabaster’s plural, polyphonic expression. The twenty four backlit alabaster canvases by the artist Tan Kwank Liang explore the different tales of the material — one you see, one you reflect on, one you live and one that is silent. Because the beauty of the world cannot be expressed with words. Admire and… breathe.
exhibition from September 4, 2023
to November 11, 2023
Natures Minérales
by  Caroline Leite
Featuring a limited series of lighting elements and slabs enhanced by the illustrations of artist Caroline Leite, “Natures minérales” is the first exhibition inaugurating Galerie Alain Ellouz. Using techniques of dry point or black chalk to simply sketch directly onto the stone, Caroline turns our alabaster designs into original pieces of art. In the style of antiquated engravings, the birds and flora she depicts seem to emerge from the stone. Composing with alabaster as a sculptural medium, Caroline follows the stone’s patterns, letting herself be guided by its vibrant power.
exhibition from November 16, 2023
to February 7, 2024
«Si longtemps je t’ai vu avaler les nuages...»
by  Christine Solaï
The exhibition "Si longtemps je t'ai vu avaler les nuages..." invites you on a journey through the depths of alabaster, at the heart of the stone’s vibrancy. Featuring approximately fifteen pieces created by the visual artist Christine Solaï from alabaster lighting elements and slabs, this exhibition echoes her exploration of the Oulettes de Gaube glacier in the Pyrenees. Using graphite, black stone, and dry pigments, Christine inscribes fragments of images into the stone, following alabaster’s veins, fissures and natural patterns. In a play of light of shadows, Si longtemps je t'ai vu avaler les nuages... is a tribute to the visible and the invisible, and to the beauty of living matter before it disappears.

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