Like the “nose” of a perfume house, creative thinking is essential to the prosperity of the workshop. Marion Biais-Sauvêtre, head designer, personalise it.
Since the beginning in 2005, she impulses Atelier Alain Ellouz pure and sleek design. Following her inspiration, the design team works harmoniously, like one and only hand.

Research and Development office

Directed by Alexis Jouvin, architect and designer, the Research and Development office allows the feasibility of the most audacious projects.
Rich of its technical innovations research, the study office is the essential articulation between aesthetic requirements and effective and safe implementation.

Project managers

They develop privileged relationship with customers as they listen to your desire regarding your projects and guide you through each steps necessary to our artwork creation.


They bring their intimate understandings of alabaster to the workshop. Playing with its veins and composition, its variations and reactions to the direct carving process, they create unique organic shapes from a raw block. They explore sculptural forms, new textures and create the connexion between material and light.


We dared to break the codes of marble industry as we decided to treat stone like we would treat wood. Calepinage, cuttings, assemblies, inlays… as many many techniques adapted and mastered by our cabinetmakers to realise alabaster projects. A new trade which is renewing itself every day.


Fitting a 10-meter-high wall which weights several tons without any apparent structure; assembling a bar which resists to damage and wear without any apparent joint; challenging the law of gravity by installing a suspended ceiling… Our teams intervene all over the world anytime it is required. They demonstrate a repeated experience and an uncompromising rigor to ensure quality, safety and durability to our customers.