Like the “nose” of a perfumer, Marion Biais-Sauvêtre, Head Designer, incarnates the workshop’s creative thinking.
Since the workshop’s inception in 2005, she has driven its pure and sleek designs. Inspired by her direction, the design team works in sync.

Research and Development office

Directed by Alexis Jouvin, architect and designer, the Research and Development office is responsible for the feasibility of the most audacious projects.
Thanks to its solid research in technical innovations, the R&D department is the vital link between aesthetic standards and efficient, safe realization.

Project managers

At the core of close-knit relationships between the client and the workshop, the project managers are attentive to the demands of each project, guiding clients step by step towards the accomplishment of a masterpiece.


They bring their in-depth understanding of alabaster to the workshop. Sculptors play with the stones’ veins and composition. To create unique, organic shapes from a raw block, their work considers the stones’ variations and reactions to the direct carving process. They explore sculptural forms and unique textures, orchestrating a dialog between material and light.


We broke traditional marble industry codes by treating stone as if it were wood. Layouts, cuttings, assemblies, inlays… Those are just some of the techniques adapted and mastered by our cabinetmakers to realise alabaster projects. A new trade, reinvented every day.


Fitting a 10-meter-high wall weighing several tons without any visible structure; assembling a visually seamless bar that resists wear; defying gravity with a suspended ceiling… Our teams perform worldwide, wherever precision is needed. Their solid experience and uncompromising rigor ensure quality, safety and durability for our customers.