Stone and light: one comes from the depths of the ground, the other comes down from heaven. Atelier Alain Ellouz work alabaster and rock crystal with passion and innovation in order to create exceptional amenities and lightings.

Atelier Alain Ellouz favors a contemporary enlightenment approach. Concerning alabaster, lighting in the mass erases transparence effects. Light diffusion mastery allows an homogenous result. Sources quality, intensities and colour temperatures are chosen at best according to the desired mood. As a result, the stone is illuminating but never dazzling. Rock crystal is illuminated by an interior light: a technical challenge protected by a patent.


Although alabaster has rich aesthetic qualities, these are offset by the constraints presented by its natural technical features :lack of hardness, sensitivity to heat and shocks and roughness of surface. Atelier Alain Ellouz has taken up the challenge of adapting alabaster for use in work requiring robustness and impermeability, such as bars and floors.
Specific Stonelight techniques, involving a series of applications of resins and varnishes, give alabaster all the qualities required: rigidity, resistance to shocks and protection against liquids.


The SOLO concept has been developed after several years of research in order to offer a new possibility of integrating backlit alabaster panels without any intervention of our fitters.

The SOLO is an “all in one” panel as it gathers together translucent alabaster plate, LED light and stand, in one and only thin object.
Standard size or customized, it is easy to install it, to associate it and integrate it to any architectural installation or decoration. Patent pending.