How can we unite the earth’s depths and the galaxy above? Stone and light. Atelier Alain Ellouz breathes passion and innovation into its alabaster and rock crystal creations, resulting in exceptional amenities and lightings.

Atelier Alain Ellouz favors a contemporary approach to light. For alabaster creations, lighting is installed in the stone’s mass to subdue its transparent aspect and produce a more homogeneous effect as a result of masterfully controlled light diffusion. The quality of the light source, intensity and colour temperature are carefully selected to best fit the desired ambiance. As a result, the stone is illuminating, never blinding. Rock crystal is illuminated by an interior light – a patented technical feat.


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The extraordinary richness of alabaster’s patterns is not its only distinctive attribute. The stone’s delicate, fragile nature required us to develop specific protection treatments. Atelier Alain Ellouz undertook the challenge of adapting alabaster to projects requiring robustness and impermeability, such as bars and floors. Specific Stonelight techniques, involving a series of applications of resins and varnishes, give alabaster all the required qualities: rigidity, resistance and protection against liquids.


The SOLO concept is the end-result of lengthy research aimed at developing ways to integrate backlit alabaster panels without the expertise of our fitters.

The SOLO is an “all-in-one” panel. It incorporates a translucent alabaster plate, LED lighting and a support structure in a single, slim object.

Standard size or customized, the panels are simple to install and complement or integrate into any architectural use or decor. Patent pending.